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Nina the Narrowboat

CoverOnce upon a time Nina the Narrowboat went on lots of adventures. Then one day her engine broke! Poor Nina had to stay at home while all the other boats went on adventures. After a while she became rusty and dirty. Then one day ‘Tug boat Tyson’ came to take her away and everything changed.

You can find out what happened to Nina in “Nina the Narrowboat”  Book one  “How it all began”. In this first story you will see, as Nina does, that there is always someone to help you. Nina finds ‘Bertie the boat hoist’ to lift her into the dock yard where ‘Phil and Nigel’ are ready to help.

As Nina enjoys her new adventures, you will be able to join her in learning important lessons about making friends, working as a team, the countryside, animals and nature, being safe and helping others.

Each story is full of characters from the canals and riverbanks, and there is always something to learn along the way.


Christine Stone – The Author


Christine Stone is an exciting new children’s author, who has created this brand new adventure series for younger children. Christine grew up in Somerset, England. She trained as a teacher at the University of Wales. She is married to Stephen, and they have one son, Adam. Adam is now married to Cathrin and lives in Colorado, USA. Adam and Cathrin have had their first child, a little boy named Sky.

As a child, Christine loved to write stories. But motherhood, housewifery and a career, not in teaching, but in baking cakes, kept her from her pen. Until one day, aboard a beautiful red narrowboat, the idea for Nina was born.